Hygiene Essential Pack


Who is this pack for?
This pre-made pack is THE Brushette pattern, it's the perfect combination of what frequency and sequence we recommend for daily brushing.

This pack doesn't come with a neck adapter, so if you don't have one yet, get yours here.

What's included in the box?
4 Cleanette™ for mornings, thorough plaque removal
4 Deliquette™ for nights, gentle on gums
2 Charquette™ for whitening every 2-3 days
1 Complette™ for multi-action cleaning

A custom-made double sanitation technique


Did you know that there is NO industry compliance standards for toothbrush sanitation? We think that is totally gross!
That's why we custom engineered our own sanitation process allowing all of our brush heads to pass under UV sanitation before being individually wrapped. These completely safe techniques eliminate 99% of bacteria before the brushettes enter into their individual packaging, and thus create products that are much safer for human consumption.

Now that we sanitized your brushettes they should stay clean over time. Do you know what keeps a bag of chips fresh for so long inside the packaging they come in? They are not filled with regular oxygen otherwise your chips will oxidize, instead the industry uses a different air called nitrogen. Nitrogen preserves our food by completely paralyzing all bacteriological growth. If for instance we had 1000 bacteria showing molds on a mushroom and we then seal it with a nitrogen packaging we'll find the mushroom a week later in the exact same state, with its 1000 bacteria still flirting, but not with 1 million extra bacteria. Nitrogen does not kill bacteria it just prevents its growth. Using this same packaging process for our brushettes, after we UV sanitize each of them, they are individually wrapped in this same food-grade nitrogen environment which ensures no bacteria can grow until you are ready to use them!