Can brush heads be more affordable?

We have completely redefined the manufacturing process for creating brush heads by allowing you swap only the top most bristle section. This ingenious solution uses far less plastic than other conventional methods, which means we can pass the savings onto you! Long gone are the days of paying $10 per brush head, we can offer the exact same oral care treatment for just $1 per brush head!

cheaper yearly cost

more swapping, more hygiene

functions for specialized care

Oral-B® Braun Brushette®
frequency 1 every quarter 12 every quarter 
yearly brush heads supply 4 48
yearly cost 40 48
cost when paid annually 40 40
cost of 1 Brush Head 10 1
brush head functions available 6 12
2nd day delivery cost  18



How do we manage quality?

We do heavily invest in human but also robotics control throughout the entire manufacturing process of your brushettes. From PE, POM, PP raw material SGS laboratory inspection to the in-house labor and final products inspection we have quality check points as much as necessary. With QC/QA from TÜV laboratories we report every steps of the process to comply with ISO9001:2015 (latest) norms. The quality of the products you put in your mouth is a top priority and like with every single products in the world manufacturing comes sometimes with defects, and while we thrive for perfection it is possible that you remain unhappy with what you get, in which case we would be happy to support you. Submit a ticket if you have quality problems.

UV sterilization process

softer sensitive care bristles

food-grade nitrogen

How do our brush heads compare to Oral-B® or Philips™?

While many components make your product the core question lies in the brushette, the top most potortion of your brush head that holds the bristles. There are only a few bristle manufacturers in the world and the leader of synthetic filament manufacturers in the US is Dupont, particularly their product line Tynex® A. This product serves both Oral-B® and Philips Sonicare replacement heads. Tynex® A is made by extruding a mixture of nylon and abrasive grit which results in different stiffnesses and textures. Brushette handpicked the best quality from the Dupont™ Tynex® product line to provide you brush head bristles equal to or better than the industry leaders!

Oral-B® Braun Brushette®
packaging type blister nitrogen packets 
pre-packaging treatment - UV sanitation 
hygiene level bacteriological sanitized 
manufacturing process anchored tufting anchored tufting
softest filament size 0.10⌀ 0.08⌀ (softer)
bristle quality Dupont Tynex Dupont Tynex
finishing rounded edge bristles rounded edge bristles
washablility Water doesn't flow through Water flows through
machine washable No detergent allowed Yes, Detergent only on neck
rotation angle 45deg counter clockwise / 45deg clockwise 45deg counter clockwise / 45deg clockwise


Extra Benefits

What else can Brushette® do for me?

We have taken the time to analyze the market, so that our service can not only enhance your oral hygiene experience, but also fill in any gaps that might be out there. From our warranty plan on your compatible neck adapter, too things like 24/7 customer service, we take pride in serving the community and the world!

brush head recycling program

1 year warranty

less waste per brush head


Over the past decade China rose from a shipping economy (ship as much as possible, regardless) to an engineering economy. From our experience the best tufting engineers we met are Chinese locals and while Western hires serve for some process implementation there is nothing China has to envy the West anymore as far a manufacturing toothbrushes go. The supply chain is also a huge point. There is simply no where in the US or EU a place where you can find about 100 bristles tufting companies, a thousand injection molding shops, filaments suppliers, parts suppliers, tooling suppliers, shipping companies, workers, managers, engineers, design bureau, all this in 100 square miles radius. If any other supply chain has crossed your mind with a better quality and faster turn out please join our team we need you.

Oral-B® Braun Brushette®
mass of waste per change 6 gr 1 gr 
recycling option - recyclette program
product guarantee - 1 year (the neck)
monthly subscription - Available
pick and pack customization - Available
travel friendly non-hygienic travel case small convenient hygienic packets
market spread generic unique
online chat support Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm 24 / 7