problem 1: bacteria

frequency of changing 

Toothbrush bristles get quickly dirty, after every use you put back millions of bacteria in your mouth. The mixture of residual toothpaste, saliva and moisture gives your bristles a very unhealthy feel. We should be able to dispose of those bristles more often to avoid flirting with bacteria that much. Even though the traditional norm preached by industry leaders recommend waiting 90 days it is obvious the more you change the better.  

90x more hygienic

Our solution is a model that lets you snap in fresh bristles every day.


problem 2: pricing

too expensive and other woes

Most replacement heads from Oral-B or Philips Sonicare average $10 a piece, at this price you can't imagine replacing your bristles every day.

10x cheaper

With a brushette subscription plan, new brush heads can be yours for as low as $1 per piece. Replacing your brush head every single month still save you roughly $100 per year! 


problem 3: ecology problem

clean up waste potential

Every time we replace our bristles it's the entire neck and heads that we have to toss in the trash. That's an average of 6 grams of waste. Assuming 30% of the EU/US population uses electric toothbrushes it's about 1500 tons of waste every time people change their bristles in those countries.

6x more eco-friendly

Keep the neck and the only recyclable waste will be the dirty bristles, that's 1 gram vs 6. We're launching a recycling program and you'll be able to collect and send the brushettes back to us for recycling!


problem 4: packaging

your 'clean' bristles actually arrive dirty

Most factories do not sanitize their toothbrushes and use simple blister packaging. That means the bacteria deposit from the dirty set of hands who packaged your bristles would only keep on developing the time your toothbrush travels all the way to your bathroom.

industry-first preservant toothbrush packaging

Our brush heads are sealed in food-grade nitrogen sanitized packets that keep them fresh from factory creation, to bathroom unwrapping.


problem 5: function

free your smile to more options!

The current replacement heads economy traps you with the same function for months. You may need sensitive functions for brushing your teeth at night, plaque removal functions for the morning and whitening functions before a gala but as of now you are stuck with the same bristles.

functions customized for each moment

Our unique snapping system allows the capability to have the largest breadth of functions available on the market.


problem 6: electric toothbrush problem

why pay more just to be locked in?

New toothbrush players are numerous on the market, each and everyone asking you to switch to their electric toothbrush and their replacement heads. Most of the time it's a proprietary mold that only fits their own solution. Consumers are left with either spending a fortune on buying a new toothbrush or with all the discomfort of the current replacement heads.

first player proposing universal compatibility covering 95% of the market

Brushette® is compatible with the two main players Oral-B® & Philips Sonicare™ so it's adapted for most of people.


problem 7: renewal

has it been 3 months yet?

Even though your dentist recommends you to follow the norm of 3 months to change your toothbrush there is no efficient way of tracking this time. And depending on your bristles and how everyone brushes the wear and tear may show faster.

hygiene delivered

Brushette® allows you to keep your teeth healthier with more options and a subscription box delivered monthly right to your front door.


let's reinvent hygiene together