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Complette™ for multi-action cleaningComplette™ for multi-action cleaning
Cleanette™ for basic cleaningCleanette™ for basic cleaning
Deliquette™ for sensitive teethDeliquette™ for sensitive teeth
charquette electric toothbrush replacement headcharquette electric toothbrush replacement head in a package
Youngette™ for kids and juniorsYoungette™ for kids and juniors
Glancette™ for anti-stain whiteningGlancette™ for anti-stain whitening
Doublette™ - double cleaning actionDoublette™ - double cleaning action
Pearlette™ for gentle whiteniningPearlette™ for gentle whitenining
Gumette™ for ultra-sensitive brushingGumette™ for ultra-sensitive brushing
Flossette™ for inter-dental cleaningFlossette™ for inter-dental cleaning
Targette™ for targeted cleaningTargette™ for targeted cleaning
Bracette™ for teeth and braces - deep cleaningBracette™ for teeth and braces - deep cleaning

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